"I have to admit I was skeptical in the beginning. We had tried telecom consulting services in the past with no measureable results. The experience with Matt Schlegel and his team has been like night and day. They performed a careful analysis of our services and based on their knowledge of our needs and their expertise in the area of telecommunications, they were able to provide the following: 1) a recommendation for a service configuration that dramatically reduced our required services; and 2) best-in-class pricing for the services that we need to maintain.

"Matt has been with us every step of the way, working with our staff to ensure that the new services are implemented and billed properly and that the old services are turned off. As a result we are on track to save nearly 50% on our voice service costs! We could not be happier with these results."

Susan Harris
Firm Administrator
Burr, Pilger, & Mayer, LLP


"At Swenson Development & Construction serves the greater Silicon Valley area. We hired Matt and his team to perform a comprehensive audit of all of our communications services and provide recommendations for how we could lower costs on our services. This review included our landlines at multiple locations and the cell phone service for our extensive mobile team.

"They found substantial savings in both landline and cell phone services without even requiring that we switch carriers. They were able to save us 22% on the landlines service, and the avings on the cell phones were even more impressive. They were able to bring our per-device monthly cost down 26%. In total, we are saving over $2,000 per month!"

Craig Cameron
Swenson Development & Construction


"Alameda Electrical Supply and California Service Tool are sister companies. Recently we moved into a new location to consolidate and upgrade our operations. Prior to the move, we retained Matt Schlegel and his team to provide us with market information so we could negotiate better terms with our existing telecommunications provider. The information they provided proved valuable and we were able to save thousands of dollars per month.

"We knew our options were limited as our locations already had contracted services. Matt's team analyzed the services at all of our 12 locations and provided us with a report outlining a number of technical solutions and pricing options that would meet our needs and greatly lower our costs. The report also provided us with a roadmap to lower costs at our satellite locations. We were thrilled with the results we achieved.

"Next, we had them review our merchant processing and wireless mobility costs. We were pleased to learn we were already receiving the best possible rates from our current merchant processing provider. It was a different story when it came to our cell phones. In the past we had worked closely with our Verizon agent to optimize our plans, so we did not expect Matt Schlegel would find any savings. We were astonished when they identified a 40.1 percent cost reduction with Verizon! We are now saving over $2,600 per month on our cell phone services.

"I am very happy with the support provided to us by Matt Schlegel and his team. They have provided us with expertise that has saved our company a substantial amount of money. I strongly recommend their services to anyone interested in lowering telecom or merchant processing costs.

Dave Ratto
Alameda Electrical Supply
California Service Tool


"Matt Schlegel and his team have been providing our business with cell phone plan oversight and cost reduction for over two years, and we are very pleased with the results.

"In addition to cost reduction, we value the ongoing reviews of our cell phone plans. They are always available to answer questions about communication needs for our employees, and provide us with valuable advice to help us make the right decisions for our business.

"They implemented a 39.66% savings on our most recent cell phone bill. To date, they have saved us over $20,000! We are very pleased with the service and results delivered by Matt Schlegel and his team and would recommend them to anyone interested in having the support of experts to help their business save time and money."

Art Javier
V.P. Finance
C&J Contracting, Inc.


"Recently, when our phone system was on its last leg, having crashed a couple times in the past year, we engaged Matt Schlegel and his team to provide us with expert advice.. Our business, Eldercare Services, provides critical homecare services. As such, reliable telecom services are vital to our ability to serve our clients.

"They carefully reviewed our existing equipment and service providers, doing a meticulous walkthrough of the physical plant and the usage scenarios. Based on that, they formulated a comprehensive Request for Proposal and solicited input from a number of equipment providers. They laid out the various options and recommendations in an easy-to-understand report that highlighted the information we needed to make a sound decision. The new system has been up and running now for over six months, and we now enjoy trouble-free, reliable service. They were also able to lower our service costs in the process, which was icing on the cake.

"We were so pleased with the results that we had Matt and his team review our cell phone services. They were able to reduce our monthly cost by over 40 percent without having to switch providers. The changes they made were seamless. They also provide informative monthly savings reports and highlights any usage issues as they arise. We find comfort in knowing we have an expert eye overseeing the account.

"I recommend Matt Schlegel to anyone seeking expert advice and cost savings on telecom services and systems."

Suzanne Perry-Paige
Director of Operations
Eldercare Services


"Matt Schlegel and his team have been supporting us with expert management of our cell phone plans for over two years. Hospice by the Bay provides hospice services for our clients in Marin, San Francisco, and Sonoma Counties, and we have launched a number of mobile IT services to better serve our clients.

"Matt and his team keep a close eye on all our mobile accounts and proactively generate a monthly report detailing savings. They also keep us up-to-date with recommendations for additional cost savings as they arise. In addition to saving us money, they also save us time. Whenever we need to make a change to the account, we simply let them know, and they take care of it. This means we do not have to deal with the carriers and are able to focus on our core business.

"When I first engaged Matt and his team, I continued to spend time double checking the cell phone accounts. Over time, I found that my effort was duplicative, and now I am pleased that I can fully delegate cell phone oversight to them. I trust that they are on top of managing the services and keeping the accounts optimized. I only wish I had started delegating sooner!

"They have saved us thousands of dollars and have also saved me a great deal of time. I recommend that anyone interested in saving both time and money enlist their help to oversee their telecom services."

Alex Liang
Network Systems Administrator
Hospice by the Bay


"Matt Schlegel and his team have been providing us with valuable cost-reduction consulting for nearly five years now. We have had them keep an eye on both our cell phone services and our merchant processing.

"Our global customers require that we stay in close contact at all times, so having affordable, efficient cell phone service is imperative to helping us keep our communication costs down. The hard work and effort put forth by Matt and his team paid off, and they were able to save us over $20,000 on our cell phone services without having to switch providers. They continually provide us with updates on additional savings opportunities.

"Impressive as that may be, they have managed to find even more savings on our merchant processing services. After reviewing our plans, they discovered we were overpaying. Matt was able to find plans better tailored to our business, lowering cost by over 20 percent. To date, we have saved over $23,000 with our new plans!

"We are very happy with their no risk service and always look forward to hearing from Matt about new opportunities for savings. I recommend Matt and his team to anyone interested in lowering cost and improving their bottom line."

Steve Doubleday
NewTek, Inc.


"The Mosser Companies is a property management company that manages a number of different properties in San Francisco including hotels. Communications are critical to the success of our business, and we hired Matt Schlegel and his team to review the services at all of our properties, and to advise us in optimizing our telecommunication services.

"They analyzed the services at each of our properties and provided us with options to lower costs. For the analog lines, they were able to lower costs by 41% – without even switching service providers. They have also been able to lower the cost of the VOIP service at each of our hotels by 60 to 80%. They have completed the transition to the lower cost service at two of our hotels, and are currently working on the third hotel. Once completed, we are expecting a savings of over $6,000 per month – that is a big deal for our bottom line.

"We are very pleased with the service that Matt and his team has provided. Matt Schlegel has supported our staff in Finance, Accounting and IT to make this happen. I highly recommend them and endorse the service that they offer."

Kevin Bazant
General Manager
The Mosser Hotel


"Perisho Tombor Ramirez Filler & Brown PC is a Silicon Valley CPA firm. We have recently worked with Matt Schlegel and his team, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. We are saving $19,800 over three years, reducing our telecom cost by over 30%.

"They performed a careful analysis of our telecom services and determined our needs. They recommended a service configuration that reduced our required services and costs. We have converted to the new service configuration and are very pleased with the outcome. The conversion was transparent to our staff and clients.

"We highly recommend their service."

Dee A. Smith
Operations Manager
Perisho Tombor Ramirez Filler & Brown PC


"Ritchey Design, Inc. has business partners and customers around the globe. We were intrigued by Matt Schlegel's approach to identifying cost savings so we retained them to review our merchant processing services.

"Matt and his team analyzed our current merchant services and transaction costs associated with specific customers. They generated a report providing us with a number of alternative solutions allowing us to maintain a high level of service while providing cost savings. We selected an option that provided us with an 11.5% cost reduction.

"They worked closely with our accounting and technical staff to implement the new solution, arranging training for staff, and technical assistance in interfacing it with our e-commerce platform. Everyone is pleased with the new service and the professional way that it was rolled out.

"Based on the success of the first project, we asked them to analyze our telecommunications costs to determine if savings could be found. They reviewed our telephone, Internet and cell phone services and provided us with a number of options that could save us in excess of 35 percent. After reviewing the options carefully, we made our selections and Matt and his team is assisting us in implementing each new service at this time. We were quite dissatisfied with one of our vendors, so were happy to cut ties with them while achieving substantial cost savings in the process."

Philip Ellinwood
Ritchey Design, Inc.


"Prior to engaging Matt Schlegel and his team, we had changed our services to a low cost tier 1 telecommunications provider. While we enjoyed the lower cost, we were not entirely satisfied with the service availability, as there would be occasional outages. As such, when we engaged Matt we were interested in both cost savings and alternative providers.

"Matt and his team took the time to understand our requirements. They considered all the equipment attached to our telecom network. They researched services and configurations that would meet our needs and presented a clear report outlining several options for us to consider. One option recommended that we move to an alternative tier 1 provider that was able to deliver better service availability and lower cost. We accepted that recommendation.

"Changing service providers can be a challenging project , and this was no different. The old provider dragged their feet and prevented the project from hitting milestones. They also tried to offer lower prices, but they were still not competitive . Matt and his team navigated us through the process, coordinating with us and both carriers. In the end, the old provider even had the audacity to charge us an early termination fee. Matt contested this charge to the Public Utilities Commission on our behalf, and the old provider retracted the charge.

"We have been with our new carrier now for about a year. There have been no outages, and the price has been reduced by nearly 50%.

Dan Hulme
VP of IT
The New lEM