Our team has over 30 years collective experience helping hundreds of clients save big on their operating expenses. We didn't just jump into the business yesterday because it looked interesting. And, because we focus on this for our clients every day, we are able to apply expertise that they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Long-Term Savings

We provide ongoing savings for clients, not just a one-time cost reduction. The more we save you, the more we both benefit, so we are motivated to be vigilant on your behalf.

Independence and Objectivity

Unlike brokers, we do not have referral agreements nor do we receive other compensation from vendors, so we are not incentivized in any way to steer you to more costly solutions. We don't take kickbacks from anyone! We are completely independent and only represent our clients' best interests.


We also don't take over your contracts with providers or vendors – the accounts remain yours, we act only under your direction. In fact, most times you don't even have to change vendors to achieve the savings. We provide several recommendations, both from your existing provider and others. You decide whether to accept or decline a recommendation, and you have the choice to stay with the same, familiar providers you are happy with.

Time Savings

We respect your time, and take as little of it as possible. Of course, we have to collect account statements and other information in order to get started. After that, we work off-site and out of your way. There is no draw on your resources. We do all the work, including implementation.

In addition, we continue to monitor your expenses to see where we can find more savings for you. This is too time-intensive for most companies to do themselves.


We keep you informed with regular monthly or quarterly reports, so you are always up on what we are doing for you.

About Matt Schlegel

Matt founded Schlegel Cascade in 2015 coming to the business with over 30 years of leadership and technology experience. After graduating from Harvey Mudd College with a BS in Engineering, and UC San Diego with an MS in Electrical Engineering/Applied Physics, Matt received a Mombusho Scholarship to perform research at the University of Tokyo. He spent the following 3 years living, studying and working in Japan.

After leaving Japan, Matt returned to his native San Francisco Bay Area where he has spent 20 years working in a number of management and consulting roles. Matt got into expense reduction consulting in 2007 as a vehicle to bring his technology experience directly to customers. He founded Schlegel Cascade in order to offer clients the level of customer service he had experienced in Japan.